ZOTAC creates the Original Mini PC by shrinking the desktop PC into a miniature form, beginning the trend of space-saving PCs.

The Original Mini PC

Innovating the PC in every best mini way

As the First and Original Mini PC maker, we are dedicated to making the ZBOX ever more powerful and versatile, from the palm sized ZBOX nano to the extreme smart phone-sized ZBOX pico, following the first gaming and VR-ready Mini PC and the world’s premier VR backpack.

We believe there is a Mini PC for everyone and for any computing problem. Whether you are an architect with the next Hagia Sophia in mind, or simply wanting to enjoy the evening with intense gaming, we have a Mini PC that is the perfect fit.

Engineered for Many Applications

The small footprint design and rich expansion capabilities make ZBOX mini PCs ideal for the needs of diverse projects.

  • Entertainment – ZBOX Mini PCs feature the latest processors from Intel or AMD and powerful graphics performance for a memorable experience in gaming, casino, virtual reality, servers, and more.
  • Business and Daily Computing – ZBOX Mini PCs are designed to meet all your business and everyday PC needs.

Designed and engineered to be fan-less for silent performance, the potential to perform, the resilience of hardware, and one of the smallest of form open up a vastness of opportunity and flexibility where only the ZBOX C-Series is a solution.

  • Silent performance
  • Nimble placement
  • No moving parts
  • Easy access
  • Fanless solutions
  • Creation

The ZBOX “Magnus” E-Series houses desktop, challenging performance to empower gamers, creators and enthusiasts. With powerful multi-core processors and easily expandable storage and memory, the ZBOX Magnus allows gamers to play with power on par with desktop systems many times its size and weight.

  • Dedicated graphics
  • Seamless connectivity
  • Game ready
  • Easily upgradeable
  • Deluxe entertainment
  • Digital signage