Biz4x is a full-service platform for money services businesses and a leading provider of compliance and market data for auditors, corporate secretaries, lawyers and fintechs. Biz4x technology can be deployed for financial institutions on-premise or on a cloud infrastructure. Biz4x services are accessible online or on mobile and are available through APIs that can be integrated into your existing system.

Market Data

Biz4x provides money services businesses, financial institutions and fintechs with accurate and reliable real-time FX rates.

Live Forex Rates

  • Access more than 100 global currency pairs
  • Refer to Open, High and Low prices
  • Set Buy and Sell prices for reference
  • View rates with up to 6 decimal places
  • Access charts with historical market data
  • Access FX rates on Web and Mobile

Create an effective Anti-Money Laundering Program (AML) with our Risk Management Solution that Provides Robust Detection, Rapid Escalation and Effective Resolution.

Frequent changes in regulation across multiple jurisdictions leads to an increasingly high cost of compliance for businesses. Failure to comply can mean stiff financial penalties and loss of their business license.

With Biz4x, businesses can implement an effective AML program and acquire a good understanding of a customer’s risk profile through due diligence with end-to-end client identification, verification, screening and monitoring.

Aside from streamlining KYC procedures, Biz4x provides an automated risk assessment system that identifies suspicious behaviour through risk scoring, flags high risk transactions through transaction monitoring, and escalates them for further action such as reporting to regulatory authorities.