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Straightforward protection for your business – wherever you’re heading

Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud provides a single solution for all your organization’s IT security needs. You can make sure your business is running smoothly while Kaspersky is blocking ransomware, file-less malware, zero day attacks and other emerging threats.

  • Protect any device – a single security solution for all your IT security needs
  • Break free from the on-premise burden – Be anywhere and protect anywhere
  • Enjoy cloud benefits – take control of the cloud

Our cloud-based approach means your users can work securely on any device, and collaborate safely online, at work or at home, from remote offices and in the field. And our cloud-based console means your security can be managed from anywhere, any time.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud promotes safe cloud adoption, with Shadow IT Discovery and protection for MS Office 365. Getting started is quick and easy, with no need to set up a server or configure security policies, and your users are protected from the instant they come online. As well as being more secure, you’ll find that with Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud you actually spend less time managing your IT security, so you can stay focused on high priority business tasks.


Designed and built by the industry’s leading security experts, Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business delivers multi-layered security against known, unknown and advanced threats. Our unique combination of big data of threat intelligence with machine learning and human expertise enables agile, responsive protection against any kind of threat — regardless of the platform and with minimal management overheads.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business | Select

Agile cybersecurity for businesses of any size

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business Select delivers powerful multi-layered protection against all types of cyber threats in one easy-to-manage, scalable solution. Application, device and web controls provide management flexibility without the resource overheads while mobile management features extend true, agile cybersecurity to the mobile platform.

  • Protection from the cyber threats your business faces
  • Wide-ranging control and manageability
  • File server security
  • Mobile security
  • Granular security management
Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business | Advanced

Combining IT security and IT efficiency

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business Advanced combines multi-layered security with extended client management features and powerful control tools to deliver agile cybersecurity for businesses of all sizes. The single, integrated security and systems management console drives efficiency while reducing complexity.

  • Minimize the risk of attack
  • Boost IT systems management efficiencies
  • Safeguard sensitive business data

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business – ADVANCED also includes all components of the SELECT tier.

Kaspersky Total Security for Business

Ultimate security for every aspect of your business

Kaspersky Total Security for Business delivers ultimate security for businesses of all sizes. Powerful control tools and extended systems, vulnerability and patch management capabilities are supported by big data threat intelligence, machine learning and human expertise to enable a complete, fully integrated security platform that can handle even the most complex environments and protect your business against all types of cyber threats.

  • Comprehensive mail server security
  • Protect web gateways
  • Empower secure collaboration

Kaspersky Total Security for Business also includes all components of the ADVANCED and SELECT tiers.


Always-on security for always-on businesses

One size doesn’t fit all. Smaller businesses face many of the same cyberthreats as large enterprises. But they don’t have the same resources to deal with them. And when you’re getting by on a tight budget and without a dedicated IT specialist, you don’t need the extra bells and whistles that typically come with products designed for larger companies.

Kaspersky Small Office Security is designed specifically for very small businesses. Install in under 10 minutes and protect your business from online attacks, financial fraud, ransomware and data loss. Wherever and whenever you work.

  • Set and forget – cybersecurity anyone can manage
  • System watcher for Windows Server – advanced protection against ransomware
  • Control web usage – reduce time wasting
  • Web and email security
  • Protect sensitive data and privacy
  • Mobile device protection
  • Password Management



NComputing is the leader in accelerating the adoption of desktop virtualization. We expand the market by delivering integrated solutions that remove the key barriers of cost and complexity while delivering unsurpassed value, performance, security and benefits beyond the traditional model of a dedicated PC for every user.

With more than 55 patents, our desktop virtualization solutions cover the entire VDI landscape, from small work groups needing common user experiences to decentralized organizations like government, higher education and the enterprise where secure, dedicated, and personalized computing environments are necessary.

With more than 70,000 customers, our technologies are used by 20 million people in 140 countries every day.

Thin Clients for vSpace Pro

RX-series: Built on the Raspberry Pi 3 platform. Up to 100 users can share one PC or server via LAN or WiFi.

MX-Series: Provide a PC refresh alternative, allowing groups of 3 to 11 users to share the resources of one PC or server via LAN or PCIe card.

L-Series: Allow up to 100 users to share a PC or server via LAN.

Software Client

vSpace Pro Client for Windows
extends vSpace Pro to PCs, laptops and netbooks.

vSpace Pro For Classrooms, Libraries, Workgroups and SMBs

vSpace Pro enables desktop virtualization for more organizations by reducing costs and simplifying both setup and management. NComputing thin clients and software clients, utilizing the NComputing User eXperience Protocol (UXP), deliver a highly optimized virtualization solution.

The platform provides multi-user, high performance, desktop computing by dividing a computer’s resources into independent virtual workspaces. Up to 100 individual users can simultaneously access a single Windows or Linux operating system.


Adobe Systems Incorporated (Adobe), incorporated on October 5, 1983, is a diversified software company. The Company offers a line of software and services used by professionals, marketers, knowledge workers, application developers, enterprises and consumers for creating, managing, delivering, measuring and engaging with content and experiences across multiple operating systems, devices and media. 

Adobe Creative Cloud

Now, your greatest work can happen anywhere

Keep your team on the same page with the entire collection of Adobe Creative Cloud desktop applications, mobile apps, and services—plus access to new features and updates as soon as they’re released. Everyone can work and collaborate more efficiently with the ability to share files and capture feedback all in one place. And you can simplify license management with an improved Admin Console that lets you and your designated administrators quickly add, assign, or transfer seats.

All the apps you love. Totally re-imagined – All-new versions of your favourite desktop apps including Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC. In addition to hundreds of new features, give your team members new ways to stay connected anytime, anywhere with easy access to their files, fonts, colours, community, and collaborators from their favourite Adobe desktop apps, mobile apps, and services. And, as always, apps live on your team members’ desktops, not in their browsers and not in the cloud.

The ability to build networks and showcase work – Creative Cloud is now integrated with Behance, so your team members can bring their work and their creative community together for the first time. They can find inspiration fast and post work in progress right from apps like Photoshop to get feedback from other creatives around the world.

Easy ways to master a new medium – Your team members can experiment like never before. They’ll have access to every Adobe creative tool and service, along with a growing library of video tutorials to help them explore new tools, ramp up fast, and branch out and create websites, apps, video, and more.

Acrobat DC.

It’s how the world gets work done.

More than five million organizations around the world rely on Acrobat DC to create and edit PDFs, convert them to Microsoft Office formats, and so much more. When you’re working remotely and need tools that empower collaboration and help you keep business moving, use Adobe DC – and go make it happen.

  • Convert
  • Edit
  • Share
  • Sign

Adobe Captivate

Unlock the future of smart eLearning design

Adobe Captivate empowers you to create all kinds of fully-responsive eLearning content with a smart authoring tool. Embrace the future, as you effortlessly design modern immersive learning experiences using VR and 360° media assets. Record software simulations from scratch or add interactivity to existing PowerPoint slides and videos to create engaging eLearning that works across all devices.

  • Virtual Reality: Head-turning learning 
  • Responsive eLearning: Learning that moves, for learners who move 
  • Video-based eLearning: Play to learn 
  • Invest in the best: Stay ahead of the curve 

Adobe Captivate Prime

LMS Experience. Redefined.

Adobe Captivate Prime is a next-gen Learning Management System (LMS) that delivers personalised learning experiences across multiple devices. Align all online and offline enterprise-wide learning initiatives to skill, upskill and reskill your employees.

  • Setup experience that is a breeze 
  • Learner experience that is enjoyable 
  • Measurable experience that is tangible 
  • Enterprise experience that is scalable 


ZOTAC creates the Original Mini PC by shrinking the desktop PC into a miniature form, beginning the trend of space-saving PCs.

The Original Mini PC

Innovating the PC in every best mini way

As the First and Original Mini PC maker, we are dedicated to making the ZBOX ever more powerful and versatile, from the palm sized ZBOX nano to the extreme smart phone-sized ZBOX pico, following the first gaming and VR-ready Mini PC and the world’s premier VR backpack.

We believe there is a Mini PC for everyone and for any computing problem. Whether you are an architect with the next Hagia Sophia in mind, or simply wanting to enjoy the evening with intense gaming, we have a Mini PC that is the perfect fit.

Engineered for Many Applications

The small footprint design and rich expansion capabilities make ZBOX mini PCs ideal for the needs of diverse projects.

  • Entertainment – ZBOX Mini PCs feature the latest processors from Intel or AMD and powerful graphics performance for a memorable experience in gaming, casino, virtual reality, servers, and more.
  • Business and Daily Computing – ZBOX Mini PCs are designed to meet all your business and everyday PC needs.

Designed and engineered to be fan-less for silent performance, the potential to perform, the resilience of hardware, and one of the smallest of form open up a vastness of opportunity and flexibility where only the ZBOX C-Series is a solution.

  • Silent performance
  • Nimble placement
  • No moving parts
  • Easy access
  • Fanless solutions
  • Creation

The ZBOX “Magnus” E-Series houses desktop, challenging performance to empower gamers, creators and enthusiasts. With powerful multi-core processors and easily expandable storage and memory, the ZBOX Magnus allows gamers to play with power on par with desktop systems many times its size and weight.

  • Dedicated graphics
  • Seamless connectivity
  • Game ready
  • Easily upgradeable
  • Deluxe entertainment
  • Digital signage


What is an Intel NUC (SimplyNUC)?

Intel NUC is a small form factor PC with a tiny footprint. Short for Next Unit of Computing, Intel® NUC (say it like “luck” or “truck”) puts full-sized PC power in the palm of your hand and is fully complete and ready work out of the box with Windows 10. Intel NUCs have evolved constantly with the market and comes now with all processors right from Celeron to Core i7 with the latest generation of Intel Core processors. With the possibility to offer the latest technologies, the Intel NUC is always a good choice when you keep an eye on the performance/cost ratio. With a versatile product portfolio the Intel NUC has many advantages that are waiting to be challenged.

Cover a wide field of applications

The Intel NUC products can be used in a wide field of applications including;

  • Retail
  • Industry
  • Digital Signage
  • Conference Rooms/Video Conferencing
  • Home/Home Cinema
  • Banking
  • Education
  • Office etc.

The Intel NUC offers great possibilities to meet challenges.

Key benefits of using Intel NUCs

  • Ultra Small Form Factor
  • Versatile Usage
  • Performance
  • Space Saving
  • Low Power Usage
  • Stunning Visuals

Bitdefender develops and markets cybersecurity products and services for companies and consumers including endpoint protection (with hardening and risk analytics capabilities), extended detection and response, multi-cloud security, and managed detection and response, antivirus software, IoT security, VPN and privacy services worldwide since 2001.

Some of its product portfolio include:

Bitdefender GravityZone

Is an enterprise security platform for breach avoidance that provides high protection and performance while delivering centralized management, easy deployment, and the freedom to choose between a cloud or an on-premise hosted management console. It prevents, detects and responds to all threats that might affect any of your organization’s assets.

GravityZone Business Security

Consistently superior protection, combined with risk management and vulnerability assessment.

A single console gives you comprehensive protection for your workstations and servers (physical or virtual) and also keeps you informed on the risk factors by discovering and prioritizing risky OS and software misconfigurations. GravityZone Business Security blends machine learning and heuristics with signatures and other techniques to offer protection against all types of malware, plus threats such as phishing, ransomware, exploits and zero-days. Pioneering and patented technologies like Process Inspector and machine learning algorithms have been constantly developed, trained and used since 2008.


  • Multi-layered next-gen security solution, that consistently provides best-in-class prevention, detection and remediation against all kind of threats
  • Uses machine learning, advanced heuristics, advanced anti-exploit and other proprietary techniques to protect endpoints
  • Best protection and performance according to independent industry tests
  • Proactive hardening and risk analytics to reduce the attack surface
  • Network based security to stop attacks aiming to gain access to the system by exploiting network vulnerabilities.
Bitdefender GravityZone Advanced Business Security

It offers comprehensive protection for physical and virtual desktops and servers, plus mobile devices and security and antispam for Exchange mailboxes – all managed from a single console.

Make malware infections and system slowdowns a thing of the past with the #1 ranked solution for protection and performance in independent tests.

Guard against all threats and attack vectors with proven machine learning, behavioral analysis, advanced anti-exploit, continuous monitoring of running processes and risk assessment capabilities.


  • Consistently protects against all threats, from most common to the most sophisticated.
  • Automated response and actionable insights that enable remediation without overloading cyber-security resources
  • Proactive hardening and risk analytics to continuously reduce attack surface at the endpoint and at the network.

An integrated endpoint protection, risk management, and attack forensics platform. Enhanced with user behaviour risk analytics.

GravityZone Elite

Safeguard your organization from a full spectrum of sophisticated cyber threats.

With more than 30 machine learning-driven security technologies, GravityZone provides multiple layers of defense that consistently outperforms conventional endpoint security, as proven in independent tests.

A single-agent, single-console solution for physical, virtual, mobile, and cloud-based endpoints and email, GravityZone Elite adds the human element in to your security ecosystem, minimizing management overhead while giving you ubiquitous visibility and control.


  • Attack Forensics and Visualization.
  • Endpoint Risk Management and Analytics.
  • Risk Management and Analytics helps control risk and reduce attack surface.
  • Patch Management, Encryption, and Email add-ons further strengthen security posture.


Microsoft is a global technology vendor at the forefront of ICT in an age of digital transformation & intelligent cloud. Through a range of products and services across Hardware, Software and Gaming, Microsoft aims to empower every person and organisation on the planet to achieve more. Intelligent Solutions sells Microsoft licenses across all sectors as well as offering support to it’s clients on deployment and user training both on-premise and remote.

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows is the leading operating system for computers and can be used in both residential and commercial settings. There are separate Microsoft Windows ‘families’, each of which accommodates for the different needs in our industry.

Microsoft Server

Microsoft Server, which was originally known as Windows Server System, comprises a variety of the brand’s server solutions and products.

These solutions and products include the Windows Server editions of the Microsoft Windows operating system itself and many other products specifically aimed at commercial organisations.

Microsoft Office

Practically every single individual and every business operate with the help of Microsoft Office installed on their computer. Applications such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Excel, the various Microsoft Office packages are essential for any tech store worth its salt.

Microsoft 365

Office 365 is a line of subscription services offered by Microsoft as part of the Microsoft Office product line. The brand encompasses plans that allow use of the Microsoft Office software suite over the life of the subscription, as well as cloud-based software-as-a-service products for business environments, such as hosted Exchange Server, Skype for Business Server, and SharePoint, among others. All Office 365 plans include automatic updates to their respective software at no additional charge, as opposed to conventional licenses for these programs—where new versions require purchase of a new license.

Reduce IT Costs and Increase Productivity

Faronics Deep Freeze makes your computer indestructible. Deep Freeze provides the ultimate workstation protection by preserving your desired computer configuration and settings.

Each time you restart your computer, Deep Freeze restores the computer back to your configuration. Since 1999 it has helped thousands of IT professionals manage millions of computers with minimal effort.

Available for: Windows and iOS

  • Reduce IT tickets by 63%
  • Completely non-restrictive
  • Prevent configuration drift
  • Eliminate zero-day threats
  • Achieve license compliance
  • Empower end users
  • Central management
  • Maintenance tasks
  • Auto windows update
  • Thawspace
  • MBR protection
  • Remote launch
  • Lock keyboard & mouse
  • Power management
  • Integration
How Deep Freeze works

Deep Freeze uses patented technology to redirect information being written to the hard drive to an allocation table, leaving the original data intact.

The redirected information on the allocation table is no longer referenced once the computer is restarted, thereby restoring the computer to its original state, down to the last byte.


Biz4x is a full-service platform for money services businesses and a leading provider of compliance and market data for auditors, corporate secretaries, lawyers and fintechs. Biz4x technology can be deployed for financial institutions on-premise or on a cloud infrastructure. Biz4x services are accessible online or on mobile and are available through APIs that can be integrated into your existing system.

Market Data

Biz4x provides money services businesses, financial institutions and fintechs with accurate and reliable real-time FX rates.

Live Forex Rates

  • Access more than 100 global currency pairs
  • Refer to Open, High and Low prices
  • Set Buy and Sell prices for reference
  • View rates with up to 6 decimal places
  • Access charts with historical market data
  • Access FX rates on Web and Mobile

Create an effective Anti-Money Laundering Program (AML) with our Risk Management Solution that Provides Robust Detection, Rapid Escalation and Effective Resolution.

Frequent changes in regulation across multiple jurisdictions leads to an increasingly high cost of compliance for businesses. Failure to comply can mean stiff financial penalties and loss of their business license.

With Biz4x, businesses can implement an effective AML program and acquire a good understanding of a customer’s risk profile through due diligence with end-to-end client identification, verification, screening and monitoring.

Aside from streamlining KYC procedures, Biz4x provides an automated risk assessment system that identifies suspicious behaviour through risk scoring, flags high risk transactions through transaction monitoring, and escalates them for further action such as reporting to regulatory authorities.

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