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Intelligent Solutions Limited offers one-of-a-kind set of technology solutions for home and business.

Endpoint Security

The majority of cyberattacks against enterprises start at an endpoint. Limited prevention and automation capabilities result in specialists becoming overloaded with security incidents. Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business prevents threats and hardens endpoints by combining adaptive security with extended control tools. Threats are blocked before they can damage data or undermine user productivity, even when the endpoint is outside the corporate perimeter. All your devices – physical, virtual and mobile – can be managed and protected from a powerful, single and unified console both on-premise and cloud via Kaspersky Security Center.

Desktop Virtualization

NComputing has pursued the idea of affordable, innovative, award-winning and high performing desktop virtualization solutions for customers large and small in diverse markets across the world built on 4 core principles: Security: Virtualization provides protection against prying eyes, viral attacks and data theft. Spend Wisely: Reduce support, management, hardware and run-time. Less is More: Manage its redistribution virtually for maximum efficiency. Flexible: Our solutions provide your deployment with organizational flexibility.

Mini PCs

Our MiniPCs are powered with the latest and most powerful Intel and AMD processors, fast memory, massive storage and are able to do everything a full-sized desktop can do but are designed into the smallest size with minimal to no moving parts at all. They have front and back USB ports, HDMI and VGA ports, fast wireless technology, a microSD slot, and Gigabit Ethernet to give you total Flexibility and are ready to run out of the box with Windows 10.

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